Roofing Tips for Atlanta Homeowners

Taking care of your roof is one of the most important investments you can make in your home. Check out our blog posts for maintenance tips and general advice for keeping your roof and home in great shape for years to come.

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Shingle Roof vs. Spanish Tile Roof

When working on your construction project, an important factor to consider is what type of roof to install. You’ll want to think the issue over from every angle: at the very least taking into account style, cost, and lifespan, to name a few. That’s where this handy guide on the difference between shingle roofs and

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It’s Time to Prepare your Roof for Winter!

Commercial roof maintenance is always ongoing, and it’s never more important to keep up with this important task than in winter! Before the inclement weather gets here make sure that you’re prepared.  Follow these easy steps to keep your commercial roof in good shape all winter long! • Make all necessary repairs nowIt’s a lot easier

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Why are Commercial Roofs Flat?

Atlanta roofers are often asked about the flatness of commercial roofs, and why they seem to be so popular in our area. You can count on the experts at Team Roofing to have the answer to this and any other commercial roof-related questions that you may have. Flat roofs are often used on commercial structures for

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Why are Roofs Vented?

The main reason that homes in Metro Atlanta have roofs that are vented is to help manage the high temps that our area frequently experiences. With proper ventilation, your roof can last longer and require fewer repairs. If you want your roof to last for its entire usable life with a minimum amount of maintenance, make

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It’s Time to Consider a Roof Coating on your Commercial Building

The weather in our area can be pretty tumultuous whatever the season, and it’s important to make sure that commercial structures have the protection they need. One cost-effective option is a silicone coating installed by the pros at Team Roofing. Whether you opt for a spray-on coating or one that is applied with a roller, you can

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Shingle Roof vs. Cedar Shake Roof

Cedar shakes are a popular choice for many homeowners who live in Cape Cod-style or other traditional type homes. Shakes are often compared to wood shingles as well as other types of shingle roofs during the decision-making process. If you are looking for a new roof, you may be wondering which type is the right choice for your

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3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Attic Insulation

Many people think of insulation as something that’s strictly beneficial during colder months. While this is indeed true, there are a host of reasons why summer is the perfect time to upgrade your attic insulation. Let’s take a closer look at 3 of the main ones. • Lower Energy Costs Who doesn’t love lower energy costs?

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Shingle Roof vs. Slate Roof

If it’s time for a new roof for your home, you may find all of the available options a little bit overwhelming! Yes, there is an almost unlimited amount of roofing types, colors, and styles available, but with the help of the Team Roofing design team, you are sure to find the roof that is

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How to Properly Clean Gutters

Keeping your gutters clean and clear of debris is an important part of proper home maintenance. Gutters need to be kept clean in order to work properly. Standing water has the potential to cause damage to your roof and house and gutters help to prevent any such damage. At a minimum, gutters should be cleaned twice a year –

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Yearly Roof Maintenance Tips

There’s a reason that the old saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” remains in use all these years after Benjamin Franklin first uttered those words- it’s as true today as ever! The phrase applies to roofing as well, and we can’t stress the importance of annual roof maintenance enough. Whether

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Why Attic Ventilation is Important During the Summer

The summer heat in Atlanta can get too hot to handle! And, it’s even hotter up in your attic with temperatures easily passing into the 100s. In addition to the hot temps, increased humidity is also a problem. Without proper attic ventilation, it can be difficult (and expensive!) to keep your home cool. Plus, increased humidity

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