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A lot of Athens homeowners find it hard to believe that their homes can benefit from attic insulation. After all, it never gets that cold in the South! But insulation doesn’t just work to keep the cold out, it also keeps your home cooler during a heatwave.

If you hate suffering through sweltering summer weather, even with an HVAC system installed in your home, consider hiring a professional insulation company. Team Roofing can insulate your home against heat transfer through the roof, providing more consistent temperatures inside and better comfort throughout the year.

We’re an Experienced Local Insulation Company in Athens

Team Roofing is a premier attic insulation company that has served customers throughout Athens for 35+ years. Our team has the advantage of being both roofers and insulation installers. Our attic insulation contractors know how to professionally install your attic insulation without blocking ventilation or creating moisture problems.

Even better, you’ll enjoy several features and amenities by choosing Team Roofing to install your insulation:

  • Our roofers use Owens Corning Pink ProCat® Fiberglass insulation for reliable performance.
  • Spray fill insulation is lightweight, quick to install, and easy to clean up.
  • Our Pink ProCat® Fiberglass insulation doesn’t settle, so it provides decades of protection.
  • Our spray fill insulation increases soundproofing to reduce noise.
  • Pink ProCat® Fiberglass insulation is backed by Owens Corning's limited lifetime warranty.
  • Properly installed attic insulation can prevent ice dams and premature roof failure.
  • Our team can tackle that roof replacement or repair along with your attic insulation project.

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If you are looking to improve the energy efficiency of your Athens home, turn to Team Roofing. We’ll set up a free, no-obligation thermal efficiency evaluation to see where your property lacks adequate protection against outside temperatures. Our spray fill insulation company will also be glad to create a fair, accurate quote for you.

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We’ll make sure you get a free estimate for any of these services too. Just call our local Athens insulation company or fill out our online contact form right away.