Free Roof Inspection

If you’re seeing water spots on your ceiling, a tree branch in your living room, or anything in between, a roof inspection is a critical first step in gathering the information you and your roofing contractor need to move forward. Whether or not your roof needs repaired or replaced, our Atlanta roofing crew will be able to let you know.


When you schedule an inspection with our team, here are a few things you can expect:

  • Punctuality.  Our representative will call you to confirm that you requested the inspection and will give you their ETA when they are headed to your home
  • Professionalism.  Anyone we send to conduct an inspection has successfully graduated from our classroom and on the job training program, and met the stringent standards we set for our company.  They will be knowledgeable, properly equipped, uniformed, and respectful of you and your home.
  • Attention to detail.  There is more to a roof than its size and material.  We will inspect your total roof system from the soffit to the ridge caps and everything in between including a walkthrough of your attic space.
  • Digital verification.  Don’t just take our word for it.  If we find any deficiencies in your roof system we will take photographs of the problem area so that you are able to understand precisely why our recommended course of action is needed.
  • Safety.  Climbing on a roof is a dangerous task for anyone.  We will come prepared to access your roof with all the necessary professional tools and equipment to maneuver through the high angle environment.  If there is an unusual circumstance that might require more tools or people, we will advise you of the hazard and let you know what mitigating steps we will have to take to inspect your property safely, and reschedule.
  • Ready for action.   Each of our experts is prepared to develop a thorough recommended solution for whatever your roofing needs are.  We are ready to demonstrate the differences in products, warranties, value options, and payment plans that will make this project move smoothly for you.

The roof is every home’s first line of defense against mother nature. An annual roof inspection may prevent unseen damage from water intrusions such as rot and mold, and the costly associated repairs. If you have any concerns about the condition of your roof, or are ready to upgrade any of the many facets of your roof system, call us today for peace of mind.