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How to check for roof leaks


How to check for roof leaks

Are you concerned about leaks in your roof? You can inspect your roof yourself from your attic, climb up to take a look at the exterior, or call in the professionals. Whichever way you plan to deal with a leaky roof, be sure to take action right away!

  1. Take a flashlight up to the attic and have a look around - This method is especially effective on a rainy day as you will be able to spot the leaks more easily. Feel around for wet spots too, and if you are noticing water damage in other areas of your home, check those areas first.
  2. Inspect the exterior roof - If you don't have an attic, or your attempts there have been unsuccessful, an exterior inspection can help. Be on the lookout for any damaged or loose shingles as those areas are typically the way that water enters a home.
  3. Call a professional - No one wants to deal with a leaky roof, and if you'd rather just turn this job over to someone qualified to fix it, give us a call. Our Atlanta roofing team is knowledgeable about leaks and can help get your roof repaired before more serious damage occurs. 

Roof leaks are a lot more than just an inconvenience. They can start electrical fires, create a breeding ground for mold and mildew, and damage or destroy your insulation. 

It's always a good idea to repair roof leaks as soon as possible. If you have a leaky roof, give Team Roofing a call today!

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