Upkeeping your roof is a yearly task. The amount of yearly upkeep benefits your home in many ways. Think of your roof in terms of a human body. Preventative care is much more effective than damage repair. You don’t want to wait for a major issue to occur due to something you could have been managing.

Here are a few things you need to add to your summer to-do list:

1. Clean Out Your Gutters

The South is known to have summer rains, and you want to make sure that the next storm doesn’t cause damage with clogged gutters. Did you know that this simple task can prevent interior home damage? Creating a pathway for efficient water flow through your gutters can prevent a leaky roof. In addition, any time there are leaves and sticks in your gutters, there are opportunities for bugs and pests to get into your home. Keeping your gutters clean can also keep insects where they belong— outdoors.

2. Cut Off Tree Limbs

Summer is a beautiful season as everything is turning green, but it is important to cut down any branches that hang over your house before they fall and cause damage. Georgia is known for its evening storms. Should tree limbs be close to your roof, wind and heavy rains can snap limbs from trees and rip shingles off your home. The problem doesn’t stop there. Missing shingles can cause leaks in your roof. No one wants that! A good rule of thumb is to keep branches at least 10 feet away from your roof to avoid these issues.

3. Clean Off Debris

Do a bi-weekly cleaning off leaves, branches, pollen, and other debris. These things can cause your shingles to rot, creating places where water can go through. Shingle deterioration can be caused by algae and moss and can decrease the life of your roof. The average cost of a roof cleaning is around $400, and that varies. Inspect your roof regularly, and use that money on a summer trip!

As the summer progresses, use these tips to have one less thing to worry about so you can spend some time relaxing. We realize that the number one investment for our Atlanta customers is their home. Team Roofing & Construction, takes pride in delivering gold standard customer service which is proven by the countless A+ ratings we have received in the communities we serve.

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