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Roofing DIY Mistakes


Roofing DIY Mistakes

Repairing or replacing a roof is a pretty serious project, and one that probably should not be attempted by a casual DIY-er. If you are experienced with home improvement, be sure to avoid these common roof repair mistakes, and make sure that you have the proper safety measures in place before starting any roofing project!

Shingle Installation

If you have a shingle roof, make sure that you purchase all of the materials for your project from a reputable manufacturer. Follow their installation rules very carefully, not only for safety, but also to ensure that the warranty is honored. For example, nailing shingles to the roof can invalidate most warranty agreements if the manufacturer recommends a different installation process.

Proper Ventilation

A common, and potentially dangerous, mistake can occur when fixing the ventilation on your roof. Take the time to seek out an expert opinion on the proper ventilation system for your home or business. An inadequate ventilation system can cause heat to build up in your attic which can lead to serious issues down the road.

Installation of Flashing

If your roof has two or more areas that join together you will need to install metal flashing along the valleys. If this step of the roofing process is done incorrectly you can be looking at some serious and expensive issues down the road.

Before undertaking a roofing project on your own, make sure that you fully understand the project. Making any mistakes can be costly and can also affect your safety. Because of how complex a roofing project can be, many enthusiastic DIY-ers opt to have a professional team take care of all their roofing needs.

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Shingle Roof vs. Spanish Tile Roof

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Why are Commercial Roofs Flat?

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Why are Roofs Vented?

The main reason that homes in Metro Atlanta have roofs that are vented is to help manage the high temps that our area frequently experiences. With proper ventilation, your roof can last longer and require fewer repairs. If you want your roof to last for its entire usable life with a minimum amount of maintenance, make sure that it is properly ventilated.

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