How to Take Care of Your Roof in the Spring

How to Take Care of Your Roof in the Spring

Spring is coming to Georgia! As anAtlanta roofing company, we know firsthand how important it is to know how to maintain your roof during the springtime. Georgia is known to have many major storms during this season, which unfortunately can cause major damage to your roof.

Being awarded the Best of 2019 from My Buckhead Magazine, we have seen various situations happen when a homeowner is not prepared in the spring. When homeowners forget to maintain their roof and gutters, they face risks of accumulated grime, possible damage to the foundation, possible flooding, overflow of potential impediments, lower curb appeal, leaks, and other effects from the outside elements.

Here are a few tips on how you can take care of your roof in the springtime:

1. Watch Out For Tree Limbs

Make sure that tree limbs don’t touch your roof because they can easily scrape over the shingles and loosen the granules. This may potentially reduce the life of your roof. When the outer layer of your roof gets damaged, you can higher the risk of leakage and water accumulation. In Georgia, it is very common to see tree limbs falling on or next to homes, so as an Atlanta roofing company, we can help you manage and prevent possible roof damage from occurring. You can never be too cautious when it comes to cutting limbs and protecting your roof!

2. Look For Moss

Cutting back trees and removing leaves will reduce moss growth, as it will allow sunlight to dry up the moisture that moss thrives on. You do not want moss on your roof because this can eventually develop holes in your roof that will cause leaks. Moss tends to grow best and at a faster rate when your roof consists of areas that are routinely wet, cool, and shady. Look for these conditions around your house to see if moss is a potential concern.

3. Watch For Leaves In The Gutter

The rain we have in the winter season can result in gutter damage when leftover fall leaves and debris can clog gutters. Before the springtime rain, check to make sure water can flow easily through the gutters and fix any loose nails that are preventing the gutters from sitting tightly along the roofline. Overcrowded gutters are one of the top four ways water can enter homes. This water seepage can cause further damage which can result in costly repairs, ranging from ceiling damage all the way to foundational damage. Check your gutters routinely to prevent this from becoming a concern for you!

It’s about the time that Georgia homeowners need to start to prepare for spring weather. Do you suspect that your roof may have storm damage? When you ignore the warning signs of roof damage, you could attract dangerous hazards into your home. These hazards can consist of mold buildup, possible electrical frying and fires, and even a compromised structure.

Contact us today to schedule your FREE roof inspection. We are an Atlanta roofing company that strives to protect and repair your home. We will find a solution to your problem, and make sure that your roof is in the best condition this spring.

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