Why Attic Ventilation is Important During the Summer

Why Attic Ventilation is Important During the Summer

The summer heat in Atlanta can get too hot to handle! And, it’s even hotter up in your attic with temperatures easily passing into the 100s. In addition to the hot temps, increased humidity is also a problem. Without proper attic ventilation, it can be difficult (and expensive!) to keep your home cool. Plus, increased humidity can create a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew.

Benefits of Proper Attic Ventilation this Summer

With an attic fan, you can get the necessary ventilation to keep your home cooler and your attic free from mold. This summer, help improve your home’s energy efficiency with an updated attic ventilation system. Cross ventilation will help prevent a whole host of problems and will improve the overall air quality of your attic.

Control How Heat Affects Your Home, Not Just Your Attic

There are other options available to help keep the heat that exists in the attic from escaping into the lower levels of your home. Homeowners with pull-down ladders that provide attic access can benefit from tents that help to prevent hot air from affecting the overall temperature and environment of the home.

Help Your Roof Last Longer

When your attic has the ventilation it needs, especially in the summer, it helps your roof too! Excessive heat and humidity can degrade roofing materials and cause the roof deck to ripple and/or warp. Proper ventilation can help avoid these common issues and ensure that you receive the most usable years from your roof as possible.

Is your attic hot and stuffy? Don’t wait until a lack of ventilation causes more problems. If you want to keep cool this summer, call Team Roofing today and schedule an inspection of your roof and attic, you’ll be glad you did!

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